An Edible Cannabis filament for 3d Printing


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Potent Rope is the future of two great industries, being able to select what cannabinoids and terpenes work for your symptoms or conditions, and additionally what dosage works for you is the sort of benefit the medical cannabis community deserves.”


Chestertown, Maryland 

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With research and clinical trials just gaining traction in the medical community and across the globe, more information about cannabinoids and terpenes and how they can be used to treat symptoms or conditions will become more evident in the coming months and years. Potent  Rope is dedicated to being a source of these very personalized regiments.

Ranging from medicinal prescriptions to recreational usage, our consumers have one thing in common- they use Cannabis.

Potent Rope combines two emerging markets, 3D printing and cannabis-- the world will benefits from the information we glean from our research partnerships.

Potent Rope is an edible cannabis filament made for any standard 3D printer, which can be tailored to your needs with combinations of various cannabinoids and or terpenes.

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