The 3D printing industry has been on the rise, growing at an annual rate of approximately 29% since 2012. It is revolutionizing the way things are being made. From iPhone cases to transplantable organs, the possibilities of what can be created are seemingly endless. Up until recently, the industry had been mainly driven by factories and manufacturers, but innovation has gradually drawn the industry toward a more consumer commanded focus. Small businesses and individuals are now able to easily afford 3D printers. 3D printers are getting cheaper, faster, and are better designed. Market research has been encouraging investments in this industry to prepare for the future growth and innovation that awaits.

The legal cannabis industry is exploding at an inextinguishable rate and there are no signs of a slow down. Currently, there are 28 states and the District of Columbia that allow for medicinal cannabis usage, with 8 states and D.C. having passed legislation to allow recreational cannabis usage. That means that 21% of the total U.S. population lives in a legal cannabis market. The future is sneaking up on us and it won't be long until all 50 states are on board, ending this prohibition against cannabis, relaxing their laws and raking in the tax dollars. In 2016, roughly 60% of Americans said they favored the legalization of recreational cannabis. The U.S. legal cannabis market saw $6.7 billion dollars in sales last year, a growth of 30% according to ArcView Group market research report outlined by the International Business Times. That kind of growth is faster than the dot-com boom of 2000. The market is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2021, with a 25% gross domestic growth rate. 

Combining cannabis with 3D printing technology is a logical next step for both industries. Innovators are on both sides exploring new ways to challenge the current model of their industries. Cannabis supporters are looking for new ways to make use of the plant and 3D focused inventors are modifying, creating, and exploring new designs and materials. Potent Rope is the perfect hybrid that will help pave the way for cannabis startupsProgress is happening very quickly, we are so happy to be a part of history.    

We are working on developing CAD designs to assist you in printing your proper dosage, because as doctors in the medical cannabis industry will tell you, every patient is different and so is their dosage requirements, which makes titration a necessary exercise with every patient. Potent Rope will be able to calibrate for the needs of every patient. We are excited to be going into production this year! 2017 will be bringing a lot of changes to the cannabis industry and we can not wait to see what it holds for us.

                                                                                                       - A and P

3D Printing and Cannabis Industries

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